George Popov, EA, MBA

George Popov, aka “Your Personal CFO,” is a veteran of the financial services industry. An LPL Financial Advisor, business owner, and recently a college finance instructor, George has definitely earned his place as a respected businessman, financial advisor, and educator.

George has expertise in financial services through his educational background and over 15 years of work experience in the financial services industry. He has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Rhodes College, and an M.B.A. with a concentration in finance from Louisiana State University. He has held officer positions with Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo, Capital One, and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney before going into private practice. He is also a member of the AICPA.

George has personally witnessed the struggles that families have due to poor planning or no planning, and he aims to serve and protect retirees and pre-retirees from similar fates.

George and his wife, Jennifer, live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. They have four children. Family and faith are the foundations of his personal and business life. He attributes his success to integrity, honesty, and his commitment to excellence.